Woman Cooks With 'Olive Oil' From Bath & Body Section for Months

olive oilEvery homecook has a screwup or two from time to time. Maybe you use baking soda instead of baking powder or double the amount of salt. But what if you mistakenly used "an ingredient" that you weren't meant to cook with at all? One woman who thought she was using olive oil was actually using olive oil shower gel in her recipes!


Did you just gag? We heard that!

It's hard to imagine this really happening, but I guess it all goes back to the importance of reading the fine print!

Here's what happened: A Reddit user named petermal67 recently posted a photo captioned:

My friends (sic) food kept tasting funny. She bought new saucepans and was about to buy a new dishwasher ... then I saw what she was cooking with.

Beneath the words "olive oil" was another pair of familiar words -- "shower gel." Ugh. That's right! Melony Jackson of North Carolina was fooled not only because of the shape of the bottle but also due to the color. 

Wouldn't you think that her food would be bubbling? Apparently it wasn't, but her dishes definitely weren't tasting right. Attempting to find the source of the problem, Jackson threw out her saucepans and was on the verge of purchasing a new dishwasher when she made the discovery. Crazy! 

Can you imagine? You use olive oil in so many recipes! She must've thought she was losing her mind! Thankfully, the shower gel didn't make her ill. (Guess that's good to know in case any similar confusion occurs in the bathtub with the kids, right?) 

Though it seems a bit far-fetched, if you're a busy mom who's cooking in a hurry, these things can happen. Especially if you picked up the product last minute while on line at one of those stores like Home Goods where oil worlds collide just before the register!

We have a feeling this lady will be a lot more careful when it comes to checking her labels in the future! Come to think of it, so will we!


Image via maxuser/shutterstock 

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