Restaurant Shames Smartphone Addicts With Controversial Policy

eating out with cellphoneIf part of your date-night prep is to make sure you have don't leave the house without your smartphone, you may want to skip dining at a particular headline-making restaurant with a strict policy that targets patrons who are addicted to their phones. Of course, Antonio's Trattoria Calabria is also getting applause for boldly encouraging diners to focus on conversation -- like actual, in-person, with-eye-contact conversation instead.


This shot from the restaurant's menu makes it pretty clear that the owners of the establishment, which is located in Malaysia, are hoping guests will put those ever-present cell phones away.

According to the restuarant's Facebook page, they are thrilled that their policy is getting attention and are hoping that more people will "set their devices aside and enjoy a good conversation (of course, over some delicious food!)."

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Personally, I kind of love this policy. I don't get very many date nights with my husband, so when we do get out, we don't take our phones out anyways. And, I'll admit, I do sometimes get a bit judgy when I see a family out for dinner and everyone is staring at their own devices and nobody is communicating with one another.

But I'm sure there are folks who feel like the customer should get the option to dine however they want -- with no bossy restaurateurs telling them how to enjoy their time.

That said, time will only tell if this is a policy that other restaurants -- and email-checking, Facebook-updating patrons -- will be all for or staunchly opposed to!


How would you feel about going to a restaurant with this policy?


Image via Leonardo Patrizi/iStock

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