Latest News Takes Cookie Butter Obsession to a Whole Other Level

Speculoos Cookie Butter Cancel that diet! We've got big, delicious news! We know you've been lovin' this stuff by the spoonful for a while now, but did know you can also enjoy Cookie Butter as an ingredient in some of your favorite dessert recipes? {{{brain explodes!}}}


If you're unfamiliar with Speculoos Cookie Butter, you've been missing out on this amazing "spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits." Jars of this heavenly stuff can be found right next to the nut butters in most Trader Joe's stores.

And Food 52 has a recipe up for Cookie Butter Breakfast Cake!!! 

Are you drooling yet? We are! Just imagine what you could do with this. The yummy spread could take your chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies to a whole other level! 

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This pretty much sums it up...

So pick up a jar and let the experimenting begin! 

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