Fast Food Employee Wipes Floor With Burger Bun in Horrifying Viral Video

hamburger We all know that eating fast food isn't usually the healthiest option. But as a frightening new viral video of a fast food worker wiping the floor with a hamburger bun shows, it isn't just the calories and fat content that can make fast food a poor choice ...


In this video filmed at a Baltimore-area Checkers, the workers are shown wiping the floor with a bun, and then making it into a sandwich for a customer.

Watch and gag.

I just don't understand why fast food workers think this kind of thing is funny, or why they are dumb enough to put videos like this on social media. Um, hello? We can see your faces! You're going to get fired!

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According to Lori Malcolm, a spokesperson for Checkers, the incident happened weeks ago, and the employees have been disciplined. She also notes that they "spoke to the employee in the video and her mother -- and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened." Oh, snap! They brought in the big guns -- her mom!

Check it out.

Well, then. In addition to getting fired, I sure hope the young woman in this video got a major mama smackdown of a lecture. And never finds another job handling anyone else's food ever again!


Image via studioportosabbia/iStock

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