4 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

picky eater unhappy at the table

Stubborn kids not eating their veggies? Try these tips and trick your kids into eating healthy:



healthy bbq pineapple pizza

1) Hide vegetables in foods they enjoy

For example, hide kale or spinach in smoothies or broccoli and cauliflower in mac and cheese (like Haylie’s recipe here!) Also, check out Haylie's healthy (shhhh) BBQ PINEAPPLE PIZZA (above).

2) Involve the kids

Go grocery shopping and cook with them.  It helps make them feel part of the process.

3) Find something they love which is also healthy for them

Haylie sneaks in almond butter to make the delicious treat pictured above.

fish shaped sandwich

4) Make food into fun shapes

Pinterest is filled with fun and creative ideas for this.

If all else fails you can try this...

baby being fed with a spoon

Check out  Haylie Duff and Jenna Dewan Tatum on "The "H" Word," where Jenna volunteers Haylie to cook for a group of kids.....the next day!  Watch what she makes here:

How do you encourage your kids to eat healthier?

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