Rodents Caught Taking Over Cafe in Skin-Crawling Viral Video

ratImagine you and your honey are taking a nice late-night summer stroll and you happen to pass by a popular coffee shop. You glance in the window and notice, well, SCURRYING. You grab your cell phone and take a video of rats all over a cafe counter.


What do you do next? Put it on YouTube, and let all of us freak out with you, obvi!

Take a look at the footage of rats at a branch of Caffe Nero (which has 600 stores globally) in Donegall Square West, Belfast, captured by a couple who said they filmed the rats because they did not think people would believe them.

Now, this is an instance where the fact that the video is a little blurry is probably a blessing. But those moving dark blobs? Yep. Definitely rodents.

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The video has reached the headquarters of the 600+ location Caffe Nerro chain, prompting a spokesmen to declare:

This incident has only just been brought to our attention. We are taking it extremely seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation as a matter of urgency.

Given that the video was filmed on July 7, I'd say the matter is more than urgent for the customers who have been stopping in for their morning latte there for the last month! Ew!

As of this morning, the location where the footage was shot is "closed for essential maintenance." Good grief, I hope so!


Image via gallinago_media/iStock

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