3-Ingredient Cheesecake in Viral Video Looks So Incredible, We Need It Immediately

3-ingredient souffle cheesecake If you're looking for a simple yet elegant dessert that requires minimal ingredients, this is your lucky day! Now, you can learn how to bake a three-ingredient soufflé cheesecake, also known as Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, thanks to a viral video that has dessert lovers swooning.


It's so beautiful and professional-looking, no one will believe it's not from the fanciest patisserie in town! Check out the video that has 1.6 million viewers salivating.  

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Is your mouth watering? The trick seems to be getting those egg whites firm, and then allowing any air bubbles to escape before baking. Also, don't forget to set your timer to make sure you're adjusting your oven temp and then shutting it off, allowing the residual heat to continue to bake it for you. 

Though the video was added in 2013 by YouTube baker Ochikeron, it's recently developed a huge following, and we can see why! It looks so light and fluffy, like the perfect ending to a Sunday brunch. It would also be a stunning addition to any shower, wouldn't it? Oh, the possibilities are endless; we can't wait to try it!


Images via ochikeron/YouTube

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