This Ridiculous Dip Recipe Is Making Everyone Angry

The worst has happened and the world is ending: The New York Times publicly endorsed (a.k.a. tweeted) a recipe that puts peas in guacamole, and the Internet lost its shiz. There's really no other way to say it. Everybody is freaking out, AS THEY SHOULD BE. We get that you want to save money, NYT, but GOD, at what cost?! 


Anyways, the one beautiful thing about this whole mess is that for once, the Internet agrees on something: Adding peas to guacamole is a terrible idea. Hell, even Barack Obama and Jeb Bush agree on this one, and Democrats and Republicans can't agree on anything.

It also opened up space for the humorous side of Twitter to poke its head out, and the results have us LOLing. People really are losing it, and here are the results:

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Would you ever put peas in guacamole?? Oh God, please don't say yes.


Image via Teri Virbickis/shutterstock

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