Woman Finds Sickening Surprise Crawling in Her Family's Dinner (VIDEO)

woman picking out meat with her sonLet's say you want to prepare a dinner that's super-healthy and made from clean, natural, whole foods! And you know salmon not only fits the bill, but it's also chock full of nutrients that boost your immune system and brain power. So, let's say you buy a filet at your local store, and you're excited to cook that sucker up.



But when you get home and unwrap it, um, you got a little something you didn't pay for. And don't EVER want to see in your food.

That's exactly what happened to an Arizona woman named Jen Chafitz, who recently went grocery shopping at her local Fry's Food and Drug Store. She bought salmon, no problem. Took it home and put it in the fridge, same as every other salmon-buying woman out there.

But when Jen got ready to cook it a few hours later? That's when she noticed worms -- yes, that's right, WORMS -- crawling around under the packaging.

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As she told ABC affiliate KNXV-TV:

[One of the worms'] head[s] was sticking out of the fish. Standing there, I felt like something was crawling on me. It was really gross.

And what do we all want to do when we see something truly disgusting?

That's right. Have someone ELSE see it. So Jen called her husband, Dustin, to the kitchen. And Dustin uploaded a video to his Facebook page. Check it out:

Pay close attention to the fish at Fry's before buying

Posted by Jen A Holland-Chafitz on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Naturally, the store offered a full refund plus a $5 gift card ($5 -- really?!) and promised to "look into it." Which we all know is what you say to your kids when they ask if you can arrange for Santa to come early this year.

Jen wasn't happy about it. In another TV interview with FOX 10, she said:

It's not about the money for me. It's more about making people aware and getting them to put something on the shelf we can feed our family.

(Am I the only one hoping she didn't FIND the salmon on an unrefrigerated shelf?)

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But here's the thing. Parasites in fish are "a natural occurence, not a contamination," according to SeafoodHealthFacts.org, a joint project between the Community Seafood Initiave and a handful of universities like Cornell and Oregon State.

Supposedly, little wormy things in fish are as common as bugs in fruit.

And although they'll probably for sure gross you out (because NONE of us like to really know where our food comes from), experts seem pretty confident that they won't hurt you if cooked to at least 145 degrees.

Still, who's really going to do that? Maybe Pa on Little House on the Prairie, but since this is 2015, most of us would take that fish (and its worms) back to the store and swear we're going full-on vegetarian for a while, which is what Jen did.

Tofurkey never sounded so good.

Would you have removed the worms and eaten that salmon anyway?


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