Disney World Thinks Its 'Poop' Desserts Don't Stink (PHOTO)

poop desserts at disneyThis spring, I had the chance to take my son to Disney World, where we rode rides and ate some delicious snacks. One thing that wasn’t on any of parks' menus? Poop. One thing that is now on Disney’s menu? You guessed it: poop!


This week, a new restaurant, Zuri’s Sweets Shop, opened at the Disney Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida. The new shop features traditional candy options and more than 80 snack items. But what is getting the most attention are the rather graphic “Match the Species” chocolate treats. These unique confections are designed to look like the poop of elephants, giraffes, hippos, or cotton-top tamarin.

Um, yum?

Here they are in all their glory, courtesy of a park-goer's tweet.

Actually, the descriptions of these treats sound pretty good! The Elephant Poop is actually "chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oats and yellow coconut flakes," while the Giraffe Poop is chocolate fudge brownie with fresh caramel. Both of these sound like a sweet I would totally go for ... if it didn’t look so much like, well, poop.

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These new treats retail for $3.99 each, and I’m sure they'll be a hit with kids and not-too-squeamish adults. Personally, I think I’ll stick with churros to satisfy my sweet tooth the next time I’m at Disney!

Would you try these new "poop" treats?

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