Mom-to-Be Discovers Disgusting Surprise 'Filling' in Her Doughnut (PHOTO)

latex glove in krispy kreme doughnut

It feels like every day, we read about another poor soul who discovered something disgusting in their food. At first, we sort of threw up a little in our mouths when the news came up on our screen. Next time, we gasped in disgust and threatened to never eat that type of food-ish product again. But now, the Bar of Disgust (which looks sort of like a Google search bar) has been raised.


Ria Findlay, an expectant mother in the U.K., recently decided it was time to try her first-ever Krispy Kreme doughnut. As Findlay told The Mirror:

It was my first doughnut that I'd ever eaten without the hole inside so it was supposed to be an exciting new experience.

Oh, Ria. You have no idea.

First, she found a little caramel in her hole-less doughnut. Then, a little cream. Ria couldn't identify the next ingredient, so she turned to her friend and asked, "What's this blue stuff?"

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The answer was NOT blueberry filling. Or blackberry. Or even boysenberry. It was ... a blue surgical latex glove.

"Being seven months pregnant, my gag reflex was in overload," Ria pointed out.

A few years ago, we would have been heaving, too. But after reading about the woman who found a freaking sea creature staring up at her from her can of tuna, and the other woman who found a condom in her milk, a glove doesn't seem THAT bad anymore.

Still, it wasn't what Ria ordered and is definitely on the disgust spectrum, so obvs she contacted Krispy Kreme. In response, one of their spokespeople said all the right things about how sorry they are and how they take food safety seriously, etc.

The supermarket where Ria bought the doughnuts -- or should we call them "glovenuts"? -- refunded her money and gave her a free box. Then, Krispy Kreme sent over FIVE more.

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Maybe they were hoping Ria would go into such a sugar coma that she'd stop complaining, as she did on Twitter:


Still, she told The Mirror she'll never eat a doughnut again. ("Never" is a really long time, though. We think she'll cave.)

After all, something even grosser is bound to come along to make her think she's lucky all she got was a little surgical glove filling.

What's the most disgusting food story you've heard?

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