Popular Salad Dressing Maker Issues Nationwide Recall: All the Wacky Details

If you think your salad has been tasting a little funny this month, you're probably right. There was a massive mix-up at a production factory in New Jersey, and nearly 10,000 cases of Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing were filled with Wish-Bone Blue Cheese dressing instead of the Ranch. Whoops.


Nobody has been harmed yet by the mix-up, but Wish-Bone voluntarily recalled all affected cases because their Blue Cheese dressing contains eggs, which is a potentially life-threatening allergen, according to the FDA.

A (confused, probably) consumer reported the mix-up to the manufacturer, who recalled all their 24-ounce Ranch Dressings bottled on April 23. All these bottles have an expiration date of February 17, 2016, so if you have one, you can get a full refund by returning it to the place of purchase.

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It'll also be stripped from store shelves, but the silver lining is that there's nothing exactly wrong with the dressing in the bottles ... It's just not the right kind. As long as you're not allergic to eggs, it's totally safe to consume.

If you want more info, you can call (888) 299-7646 during business hours, but basically we can all look at this as an excuse to skip the salad lunches this week, I think.

How does this recall make you feel about your next salad dressing purchase?


Image via Elena Elisseeva/shutterstock

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