Your Heinz Ketchup Bottle Might Contain a Wildly Inappropriate Mistake on the Label

Ketchup pornWe're all familiar with the term "food porn" -- meaning a dish that looks SO good, you can't help but get excited just looking at it. Well now that phrase has a new meaning thanks to a QR code on the bottle of one popular brand of ketchup. An expired promotion sponsored by Heinz ketchup is now leading consumers to a hard-core porn site! Say what?  


That's right, you'd better keep the kids and their smart phones away from the condiments this summer until you've given your bottles the once-over. Here's the scoop: Heinz ran a promotion asking fans to design their own labels for the burger and hot dog staple. But ... that gimmick ended in 2014. Meanwhile, some bottles bearing the code are still on the shelves. Yikes! 

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If it weren't so wildly inappropriate it would be kind of funny, right? Ketchup is so innocent, you hardly think of it as a "sexy" food the way people talk about oysters or chocolate!

You also have to wonder if people will now seek out these bottles to bring to friends on Fourth of July just for the shock value. It would definitely set off some fireworks, that's for sure!  

So, while this isn't a food recall situation, we'd certainly advise you to check your fridge and your pantry before serving any ketchup this season.

Will you check your ketchup bottle's QR code just in case? 


Image ©g215/shutterstock

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