11 Cupcakes Disguised as Other Things (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jun 26, 2015 Food & Party
11 Cupcakes Disguised as Other Things (PHOTOS)

cactus cupcakes

Want to play a clever but sweet prank on your kids? Try disguising one of their favorite desserts. We found clever food bloggers whose cupcakes are masquerading as everything from fruit and flowers to cacti and corn on the cob! You have to see these to believe they're not the real deal. 

While these may take a little extra effort, we think the reactions you'll get will make it all worth it! Put these recipes to the test and then tell us: Does a cupcake that resembles anything but dessert still taste as sweet?

Do you ever disguise food as something else for fun or to get the kids to try it? 


Image via alanajonesmann.com

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