Amazing LEGO Wedding Cake That Went Viral Is Almost Too Cool to Eat (VIDEO)

LEGO wedding cakeWhat seems like a little kid's dream come true has turned into a bit of an overwhelming situation for a family of South London bakers. Photos of an enormous, edible LEGO wedding cake shared on Facebook have left the trio behind Cupcakes by SJ inundated with requests for replicas of the colorful, building block-inspired confection -- to the point that the family has had to issue a public statement asking that LEGO fans stop making requests! 


While it may sound crazy for bakers this talented to turn away business, it turns out they don't even have a storefront!

The bride and groom, Emma and Jon Chapman, just knew they wanted a LEGO-themed wedding so Emma turned to her Uncle Mike, Aunt Ann, and Cousin Sam, master bakers (and pretty good builders, too), for help when it came to the wedding cake. The couple is also completely shocked that their wedding cake has attracted so much attention!

After being flooded with orders, Sam turned to Facebook to issue the following statement: 

We are a family who love to bake and create cakes for family, friends and friends of friends. We do not have a shop or website or any other form of pictures other than those on this page, which was created at the request of friends purely to see what we'd been creating.

While all requests are seriously considered, I had no idea one picture would create the reaction and influx that it has in the last 2 days and am sorry that many requests are not possible to fulfil (sic). I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments, likes and shares it is completely mind blowing and left my parents and I lost for words.

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This story should serve as inspiration for all those home-based bakers who wrestle fondant into submission for the sake of their family celebrations -- a photo could just launch your career as the next Cake Boss! 

Have you ever made a really impressive cake with fondant? 

Image via naijagossipvideo/YouTube

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