Waitresses Say They Were Told to Wear Heels or Take a Hike

waitress in heels It looks like heels are on the menu at several chain restaurants in Canada. Say what? Well, it turns out multiple waitresses have come forward to say that their refusal to trade in their comfy flats for shoes with heels has cost them their jobs. Crazy, right?  


First, servers at Moxie's spoke out and they were quickly joined by women from Original Joe's and Boston Pizza who said they were subjected to a similar "policy." 

A Boston Pizza waitress, who said she was told higher heels equal bigger tips, has lost feeling in her toes from the toll the uncomfortable footwear took on her. 

One waitress at Original Joe's felt like she had no choice but to quit after a co-worker brought in a note from a doctor stating that she couldn't wear heels and promptly lost her shifts. Original Joe's parent company is currently investigating the matter.

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It's pretty surprising to think that employers would believe they could get away with this sexist policy, isn't it? It's one thing if you're working at a Hooters and you know your guests are expecting a certain standard of dress -- or undress as the case may be. But we're talking about casual, family dining restaurants, not gentleman's clubs, making it that much more outlandish! 

Moms know how hard it is to serve meal after meal to a hungry crowd. Now imagine doing it all day in heels? No thanks, right?! While heels might improve the look of some legs, they do nothing to enhance the quality of your food, so we just can't understand how these companies could attempt to justify this demand. If anything, we'd think teetering around in spikes or even platforms would make delivering full plates of food that much tougher! 

Hopefully, these waitresses will be able to get back to work wearing shoes that are comfortable and practical for the job.  

Have you ever had an employer made an irrational and inappropriate request in the workplace?  


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