Woman Bitten by Black Widow Spider Lurking in Everyone's Favorite Summer Snack

black widow spiderWhen you have a sweet tooth, there's pretty much nothing healthier than sinking your teeth into good ol' fresh fruit. But for one woman in Vermont, eating an innocent-seeming bag of grapes led to a trip to the hospital -- when she was, wait for it, bitten by a black widow spider. That was IN the bag of grapes. Aggghhh!


The 21-year-old woman reportedly reached into the bag of grapes -- which came from a local Shaw's supermarket in Colchester, Vermont -- and the spider, ughhh, crawled up her arm and bit her. She and her mom then caught the spider and took it to the hospital with them. What. A. Nightmare.

After being treated for the bite, the woman reportedly spent a night in the hospital. And although she was released Saturday, her health will be monitored for months.

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The typical acute side effects of a black widow bite are muscle aches, nausea, and trouble breathing. Despite the name of the arachnid, getting bitten by a black widow spider usually won't kill you. But this isn't the first time an incident like this has occurred -- spiders were found in grapes across the country a couple of years back -- but still, I wouldn't be surprised if this poor young woman experiences a bit of post-traumatic stress!

In the meantime, the supermarket claims it will be inspecting produce in stores and contacting suppliers to make sure their products are safe. Yeah, that's the LEAST they can do. E.coli and Listeria hanging out in your produce is one thing, but a black widow spider is quite another.

Does this freak you out? What's the creepiest thing you've ever found on your produce?

Image via iStock.com/Mark Kostitch

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