Pizzeria Celebrates Royal Baby With Cheesy Tribute (PHOTO)

princess charlotteWe all remember when Kate Middleton held an impromptu pizza party in her hotel room when she visited Manhattan last winter. So with the excitement over the arrival of Princess Charlotte reaching a fever pitch, it makes sense that a London pizzeria would pay a tasty tribute to the newly-expanded Royal family with a portrait that looks good enough to eat!


Topped with cheese, olives, green peppers, yellow peppers, spring onions and yellow onions, this pie made by the artist/chefs at Zizzi is truly fit for a princess.

Princess charlotte

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The royal couple celebrated Prince George's birth with a spicy pie from the restaurant that's been serving Londoners since 1999 so we can't help but wonder if the eatery will deliver this colorful treat to Amner Hall where the royal family will be spending the next few weeks in the quiet countryside.

This pizza is so great not only for its accuracy but also, who doesn't crave comfort food after giving birth? And since this is loaded with fresh peppers, it's full of Vitamins A and C, as well as potassium -- perfect for a new mom! 

Wouldn't you love to catch of glimpse of Prince George's face if he saw his parents and new baby sis immortalized in mozzarella?

We wonder how long it took to craft this masterpiece and if non-royals can place an order to have their likenesses replicated on a large pie to go? Sure would be a fun dish to bring to your next party, right?

What do you think of the pizza portrait of the new princess? 


Images INFphoto.com & via Zizzi/Facebook

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