New Panera Bread Announcement Could Mean Big Changes for Its Menu

panera to eliminate artificial ingredientsFans of Panera Bread received some heartening news this week. The chain, known for its yummy salads, sandwiches, and of course, breads, announced it will remove or replace a lengthy list of artificial flavorings, preservatives, and questionable sweeteners from its menu offerings by 2016.


That's reassuring because some of the 150 ingredients on Panera's "No-No List" are real tongue twisters. (Triacetin/Glycerol Triacetate, we're looking at you!)

Others are more common. For example: vanillin, which, as its name suggests, is an artificial vanilla. Anyone who's ever purchased a vanilla bean knows how pricey those skinny little suckers are so it makes sense that the eatery would try to keep costs low where it can. But that brings up an interesting issue: Will prices increase as these faux ingredients are phased out? 

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We suppose time will tell! What we also want to know is whether our beloved Chicken and Avocado Cobb Salad will taste the same? And what about all those pretty pastries, will they stay or will the go? (Note to self: Stock up on enormous pumpkin muffins while you can!)

Panera is hopping on an increasingly-full bandwagon along with other notable food purveyors like Nestlé and Kraft which are also removing artificial flavors and colors from their products. 

It'll be interesting to see if companies betting consumers want to truly be nutritionally and environmentally conscious are on the money. 

Are you glad to hear Panera is making this move?

Image © Tom Gannam/AP/Corbis

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