15 Really Gross Things People Have Found in Their Food (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | May 8, 2015 Food & Party

fly in soup

Going out for a meal can be a delicious experience -- especially for busy moms who deserve a night off! But, when you're trusting someone else to prepare your food, you never know what mind end up in the mix. We asked moms to share some of the grossest things they've found in their food and then put together a round-up that included some of the freakiest stories we've covered involving unpleasant culinary surprises. 

Everyone's familiar with the old "fly in the soup," but some of these are truly unexpected!  

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Rather than spoil the surprises (and your appetite, in case you're eating while reading this), take a look for yourself and then tell us:

What's the most disturing thing you've ever found in your food?  

Image ©Tiago M Nunes/shutterstock

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