OMG, It's a Miracle -- Cheese Is Healthier Than We Thought!

woman with cheese wineCheese fans are pretty shameless about lovin' on the fromage, but now there's even more reason to embrace your adoration of the blissful dairy product. A new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that the reason the French live long, healthy lives is ... cheese


The researchers actually found that people who ate cheese had higher levels of butyric acid -- a compound linked to reduced obesity and higher metabolism and lower cholesterol. Amaaazing! And definitely 180 degrees from the finger-wagging we usually hear about cheese, which tends to have a rep for being a "guilty" pleasure at best.

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The cream of the crop may be molded cheeses, like Roquefort cheese, which was shown in previous research to help guard against cardiovascular disease, leading to good health and longevity.

In other words ... it's time to party, people. Pass the pepperjack, give us all the gruyere, melt that manchego, and bring on the blue! Mmm.

Really, there's nothin' like sinking your teeth into a piece of swiss.

Gettin' your fondue on ...

... or working on your night cheese.

Come on, who wouldn't want a lovely cheese pizza, just for you?

Or a burger, a salad, pasta, tacos, or really ANY food that's even better with it?!

Heck, who hasn't hankered for a whole WHEEL of it?

Or just said, "Screw it, I'm gettin' the cheese fries"?

Welp, now you have a perfect excuse to get your cheese on. Go forth, my friends -- make like the French and dig on that fromage!

What's your favorite kind of cheese or dish made with it?

Image via Bryukhanova

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