Chipotle Now Offers Delivery But It'll Cost You

beef burrito chipotle deliveryListen up, Chipotle fans, we've got some good news and some bad news. Let's start with the good: The home of fresh-grilled Mexican favorites is now offering delivery. (Take a moment to cheer and jump up and down like you know you want to.) Now for the bad: It's gonna cost you. A lot. Like more than your actual meal.


Say what? The chain is rolling out home delivery in 67 cities across the U.S. using the app Postmates. (Imagine opening the door to a yummy burrito bowl that you didn't have to wait in an enormous line that snaked into another county to purchase!) 

But ... having those salty chips and succulent Barbacoa beef brought right to your door doesn't come cheap as one reporter at re/code discovered. Jason Del Ray says his $8.27 burrito would really set him back $20.26 after service and delivery fees. Yikes! It's hard enough to part with $2 for that dollop of (heavenly) guacamole that the ask you about every single time. Paying more for delivery than for your food seems hard to justify. 

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Still, sitting at home on the couch rather than waiting in line with the Chipotle-loving masses (and your screamin' hungry kids) sounds priceless to me!

Would you use Chipotle's new service? What's the most you'll pay for home delivery?


Image ©joshuaresnick/shutterstock

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