5 Ways to Double Your Meals When Eating Out as a Family

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If eating out is supposed to be easy, why are we all doing it the hard way? And by hard, I mean we're all going broke from eating out. Ooh, too many jalapeno poppers, onion blossoms and cheesy bread sticks means too few Benjamins in the bank.


According to a study by Sun Trust Bank, a third of American households earning over $75,000 a year admit they're living paycheck to paycheck, unable to put money away in savings, because they're frittering away all their money at restaurants.

So okay, maybe we're not going broke broke. But it does look like we're living large at the expense of preparing for the future. And there will be no jalapeno poppers, onion blossoms, nor cheesy bread sticks in our old age if we aren't saving money now. So let's talk about how you can eat your chili cheeseburger and have it, too. It's all about extending one meal into two.

What are some of your favorite ways to save money eating out?

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