Your Kids’ Favorite Mac & Cheese Is Getting a Major Update

girl eating mac & cheeseWow, this is big news for little kid food: Kraft is dropping artificial ingredients from its boxed macaroni and cheese and swapping in more natural ingredients. The people -- well, the parents -- have spoken, and they've heard. And you know what? This is great news even for people who don't buy Kraft's mac and cheese.



Kraft Foods Group Inc. announced that starting January 2016 they will no longer make their macaroni and cheese with synthetic dyes and artificial flavors. instead, they'll use ingredients like turmeric, annatto, and paprika.

It's such great news, we've almost forgotten about that time they had to recall 242,000 cases of mac and cheese because some tiny pieces of metal were found in some boxes.

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But seriously, this is truly is a positive step in the right direction and something parents have been requesting for years. I'm glad the company has listened and is taking action. Hopefully it's for real and not just a good PR line -- and hopefully they'll spread the practice to their other foods, and other companies will follow suit as well.

That's why this news is so encouraging. If a big player like Kraft makes this change it could influence others to follow with similar changes. Maybe, just maybe, we'll someday see artificial ingredients disappear from food altogether!

Nah ... that's pie in the sky. But a mom can dream.

How do you feel about Kraft replacing its synthetic ingredients with natural ones?


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