8 Foods to Eat When You Have PMS

woman with pmsWhen I have PMS I have one thing on my mind: Chocolate. Lots of it, and it better be as dark as my mood. It seems to fill a primal need. But the truth is, there are other foods that will answer the savage hormonal call just as well if not better. Here's what you really should eat when you have PMS.


what to eat when you have pms

In her book Moody Bitches Dr. Julie Holland addresses the ideal PMS menu. "Eating carbs is known to boost serotonin levels, but try to stick with complex carbs like whole grains instead of sugary concoctions and avoid the insulin surge and crash of blood sugar levels that follow." She also points out that tryptophan helps create serotonin, which can help drag you out of your rising-progesterone/sinking-estrogen funk.


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