Putting Butter in Your Coffee Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds

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When it comes to coffee, most of us know exactly how we like it best. With creamer, almond milk, sugar or not, or just plain black, please. But one of the latest trends to take the country by storm is befuddling even the most adventurous foodies, and that's putting BUTTER in your coffee!


When confronted with this idea, a lot of people react by saying something along the lines of, "OMG, that's just asking for a heart attack!" Ha. You can't exactly blame 'em.

Once upon a time (well, uh, really only just as far back as the '80s and '90s), Americans feared fat. Eating less fat would mean YOU'D be less fat! Right? Well, not quite. Just a couple months ago, researchers admitted that all those experts who, in the '70s, began advocating reducing overall dietary fat consumption didn't make that call based on solid research evidence.

So, now what? Shall we drown ourselves in butter?

Okay, no. Probably not. But it is definitely fitting timing, given the Bulletproof coffee trend is taking off like crazy. These days, you can get butter in your coffee at Whole Foods cafes (it's called Mammoth there), or easily do your own thing at home with the right ingredients. (It's only a matter of time before Starbucks gets on board ...) But no matter where you're drinking butter coffee, it's usually referred to as Bulletproof coffee, thanks to David Asprey, a businessman, entrepreneur, and author of New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet.

Asprey created Bulletproof Coffee and now offers his own "upgraded coffee beans," XCT oil (a medium-chain-triglyceride oil made from coconuts with caprylic and capric acids), and various other related products on his site.

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His recipe includes brewing up the beans (his beans, ideally, but any high-quality, organic coffee will work), putting 1-2 cups of the coffee in a blender along with at least 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter (like Irish-made Kerrygold!), and 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil. Hit blend, and you'll end up with the most creamy, rich, satisfying latte-ish drink ever which purportedly will boost your metabolism, give you superhuman brain power, keep your energy firing on all cylinders for much longer than a regular cup of joe, and basically rock your socks off.

bulletproof coffee ingredients

Given all these incredible promises, I was game to at least see how it tasted, let alone drink the stuff on the regular to see if it really bolster my wellness in such a mindblowing way.

So I took to my blender and did as I was told, adding coffee, butter, and MCT oil (admittedly, before acquiring the Asprey-approved product, I used coconut oil). As someone who has scrapped sugary coffee drinks and even milk or creamer for a while now, the thought of adding SO MUCH FAT to my coffee kinda freaked me out, but I persevered. This is healthy fat, I told myself. And it'll help me power through my day better! 

So I added the fat.

butter coffee

Here's what it comes out looking like after you blend it up.

bulletproof coffee

I have to admit when I first tried it, the taste took some getting used to ... It's hard to describe, but think rich minus the creamy. It feels decadent, especially with the super foamy top. And there's a natural sweetness from the butter which is really appealing.

Better yet, it seemed like the caffeine rush from the buttered-up coffee really did feel less jittery and more sustained. I could even have a cup of this stuff and feel pretty satisfied until almost lunchtime. (Likely because I'm hypoglycemic, which probably means I should stick to solid food that keeps my blood sugar stable. But Asprey recommends having Bulletproof coffee as a breakfast substitute if you're looking to lose weight.)

And the energy definitely lasted, without having to reach for any additional caffeine, into early-to-mid afternoon.

All sweet side effects of tossing some butter and coconut oil into your coffee, right? But after a few weeks of indulging in the concoction, the weight loss/metabolism-boosting part still seemed like a stretch. At least for me.

I could see how someone (probably a man, because he'd naturally have a higher metabolism!) who does CrossFit and eats 100 percent super-clean and follows all of the Bulletproof diet (similar to Paleo) rules could probably use this as part of their regimen, but as Sara Gottfried, MD puts it in her new book The Hormone Reset Diet, most women's bodies are all too efficient at storing fat. (Yay, us.) So, at least for me, adding a tablespoon of butter to my coffee isn't gonna do me any favors in the long-haul.

But the idea of having it as a once in a while treat? Sure, why not! If I learned anything, it's that blending butter into your coffee isn't bizarre at all; it's just not necessarily a one-size-fits-all magic bullet. 

Would you ever try blending butter and coconut oil into your coffee? If you've done it, what positive effects did you experience?


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