'Wine Is Fruit' & Other Food Lies We Love to Tell Ourselves

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Have you ever told yourself that Skittles and Starburst actually count as a serving of fruit? And how many times have you sworn you'd stop after eating two Girl Scout Cookies only to consume the entire box? Well, don't worry, you're in good company. Lying, or stretching the truth about food, is something plenty of us do (almost) every day. 


We asked moms to share what food fibs they tell themselves to decrease the guilt that often comes along with overindulging in those treats that aren't always great for us. 

1. "Strawberries slathered in Nutella is a healthy snack."

2. "I need to snack frequently to keep my metabolism up."

3. "I can eat whatever I want because I just burned off a lot of calories during my workout."

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4. "It was just a few bites."

5. "I eat the broken Drumsticks at work sometimes, and I always say the calories fall out when they break." 

6. "The bag -- carton, box, or whatever you just finished off -- was almost empty."

7. "Wine is a fruit."

8. "Chipotle is organic, so I can eat it all the time."

9. "Cheesecake is a dairy product and if it's got fruit on it, it's perfectly healthy."

10. "Anything you eat while nursing/pumping has no calories!"

11. "Chocolate has been shown to have health benefits, so that box of Godiva's practically good for me!"

12. "It doesn't count calorie-wise if it's free."

13. "There are no calories between Halloween and Easter."

14. "Peanut butter is protein ... even if it's in a Reese's peanut butter cup."

15. "Eggs are protein ... even if they're in a breakfast burrito." 

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16. "The cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell isn't thaaat bad for me."

17. "I really enjoy munching on carrots rather than on potato chips ..."

18. "It's okay to drink soda all day as long as I skip breakfast and lunch."

19. "I'm burning more calories crunching on these Cheetos than I'm consuming."

20. "Strawberry shortcake is loaded with fruit so I should have a second slice!"

What's the most common food lie you tell yourself?  

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