Taco Bell Delivery Ruins the Best Part About Eating There

taco bell tacos

Oh man. Taco Bell is testing delivery service. GET BEHIND ME, SATAN. 


I guess it was only a matter of time -- you can get almost anything delivered these day. It's a wonder hermits by nature (like myself) ever leave the house anymore. When I first heard that Taco Bell was tentatively branching out into the wonderful world of fast food delivery, I was ecstatic. Or, I should say, a drunk version of myself in the future was ecstatic. But sober and existing in the present me saw problems. Namely, Taco Bell is not food that travels really well. 

Half the joy of eating Taco Bell is scarfing it down the second the bag is in your hot little hand and you're sitting in your car trying to drive AND savor a chalupa. It's fast, easy, and a total indulgence. It takes five seconds to order, two to cook, and a blink of an eye to consume. If you factor in delivery time, not only will the food be a whole heck of a lot less appealing, but you'll actually have time to think about what you're putting inside your body -- and when it comes to fast food, nobody wants that.

If anything, they should make Taco Bell HARDER to get, not easier! In fact, I propose a secret Taco Bell menu full of rare, greasy delicacies that's only available if you jog to restaurant. That said, they would have to probably have a car service to drive you home when you were done because jogging plus Taco Bell equals vomitsville USA. 

What do you think about Taco Bell delivering?


Image via Steven Depelo/Flickr

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