The Best 'Cups' Ever for 7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day (PHOTOS)

slurpee byocup dayHey Slurpee fans, Bring Your Own Cup Day is just around the corner. On Saturday, April 11, bring in any qualifying drinking vessel to 7-Eleven, any vessel at all, and you can fill with the cool, frosty, frozen beverage Slurpee for $1.49.


Okay, so there are some rules -- otherwise people would be dragging in bathtubs. You know they would be! The cup must fit through a 10-inch hole, it must be food safe (i.e. clean), it must be watertight (so not pantyhose), and you can only bring in one cup.

But that still leaves plenty of options. You could bring in your wedding Waterford crystal, a thimble, a sippy cup, a trophy cup ... what else? Then post your image with the hashtag #BYOCup. Here's several wacky ideas from last year.

This is a wise choice! Get it? Oh never mind ...

Doesn't every family have a Mr. Potato Head sitting around?

Mr giant potato head was happy #byocupday @slurpeeaus

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And what about that old fish bowl -- the one you kept around long after your goldfish died?

Bring your own cup day at 7/11 ended with a fishbowl, and a mess.

A photo posted by @jfreisler on

Now that it's getting warmer, you probably need that tea kettle less. Let it enjoy something frosty, for once.

#BYOCupDay #7ElevenMY #7elevenday

A photo posted by Ridzwan Hafidz (@hafidzridzwan) on

Pretend you're at an old-fashioned tiki bar on vacation, and fill up a hollowed-out pineapple or melon like this guy is doing.

Tropical me! #byocupmy #byocupday #byocupday2014 #7elevenmy

A photo posted by Kng Chen Lin (@chenlinkng) on

I would have gone for a regular-sized martini glass, but hey. This works.

My cups bigger than yours ��#byocupday #7eleven @siimonn

A photo posted by Tess (@tessnorman_) on

Tea for two?

Slurpee in a teapot. #slurpeeaus #eatoutofaheirloom #BYOCUPDAY

A photo posted by Kiryn (@kirynpuddles) on

Or maybe just one!

such fun! #byocupday @slurpeeaus

A photo posted by Madii Ledger (@madiilegend) on

This one just plain scares me.

B.Y.O Cup Day at 7-11!!! #slurpee #7-11 #byocupday

A photo posted by Kayne Allan (@kaynedoesnthaveig) on

 Okay, ukulele player, you win the creativity award.

Uke gotta be kidding me... Happy #BYOCUPDAY everybody!

A photo posted by Jackson Tobias (@jacksontobias) on

But this Slurpee pic wins our hearts. Awww!

What kind of cup would you bring for a Slurpee?


Image via Slurpee/Instagram



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