Grilled Cheese Fanatics Make the Best Lovers – Really!

grilled cheese sandwichThere's something very special about people who love grilled cheese sandwiches: They have hotter love lives. No really! According to a survey of 4,600 people by dating social network site Skout, 32 percent of grilled cheese sandwich lovers say they get it on at least six times a month, compared with 27 percent of grilled cheese haters. Want to guess why this is so?


Skout discovered that the sandwich lovers tend to be more generous and adventurous than the haters as well. And what makes a person more fun in bed? Being adventurous and generous, of course.

But that's not all. If you think about it, grilled cheese sandwiches and hot lovers have a lot in common.

1. It's a laid-back, unfussy food.

2. You can be spontaneous and make a quick and simple version, or you can plan ahead and make a thrilling, dreamy, gourmet version of the sandwich.

3. There are literally endless possibilities. In fact, you could make a grilled cheese sandwich every night and make it different every time.

4. Grilled cheese sandwiches can range from sweet to super spicy, as can your bedroom action.

5. But they're always hot and they're always satisfying.

6. You could say of both sex and grilled cheese that even when it's bad it's good, but I disagree. I think when you do make either with cheap ingredients or ill intentions it kind of makes you sad.

7. The more you put into them, the better they are. But neither has to be fancy to be excellent.

8. Best of all, there is a perfect grilled cheese sandwich for everyone, even if you're vegan or gluten intolerant, just like there's a perfect partner, even if for just one night. But I think we all know, once we find a grilled cheese sandwich that really turns us on, we want to have it again and again.

Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches and making whoopee equally?


Image via farbled/Shutterstock


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