Finally! PMS Ice Cream That Totally Gets What You're Going Through

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For some women, PMS evokes a roller coaster of emotions that can come on -- and then disappear -- in a matter of seconds. One minute you're completely fine, and the next it's like your body's been taken over by one of those aliens from Men in Black. Well, thankfully someone's dreamed up a PMS Ice Cream that gets you and understands what you're going through. 


From Don't Come Near Me Rocky Road to I Think I'm Dying Strawberry, these packages really say it all, am I right? And could there be a food more perfect than ice cream for when you're filled with unexplained rage? We don't think so. 

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Then, there's my favorite of these new flavors: I Need Some More Mint Chocolate Chip. We've all been there, haven't we, ladies? You go back for a second helping, next thing the whole pint is empty. Whoops!

The clever packaging is the brainchild of Texas-based graphic designer Parker Jones. No word on whether or not she's a PMS sufferer but based on the moods on the sides of the container -- anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter, repeat -- something tells us girlfriend knows what she's talking about! 

Let's hope she can move this design idea from concept to reality stat (raise your hand if you'd buy it!). And here's also hoping she plans to add a few more flavors to this delicious collection. A bunch that come to mind are:  

I Need a Nap Butter Pecan

Who Took All the Advil & Put the Bottle Back Empty? Passion Fruit

Swearing Like a Sailor Cookies & Cream

Don't Look at Me Like That Fudge Ripple

Could Someone Please Find the Heating Pad? Coffee

My Face Is Eating My Makeup French Vanilla


We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tampon Mango

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What do you think of this packaging? 

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