6 Snacks Made From Bugs You'll Be Eating Soon (PHOTOS)

don bugitoHow would you feel if I told you that in the near future we'll all be eating bugs? Like it or not, this is shaping up to be the next frontier in food. But don't worry -- it won't be as gross and gulping down freshly-dug grubs. 


People around the world have been eating bugs for thousands of years. The critters are an excellent source of protein, they're low fat, they're plentiful, and they don't require a lot of resources to raise (oh hello there, California drought of 2015).

"I compare insects today to lobsters and sushi in our culinary history," says Addison Lilholt, author of Entomological Gastronomy. "Lobsters were served to prisoners and not looked at as a white-tablecloth dining experience at all. Nor was sushi accepted in the US until mainstream culture adopted it."

Still not convinced? Here's a few edible insect foods that might surprise you.

Have you ever eaten insects -- intentionally? Do you think you'd try any of these foods?


Image via Don Bugito/Etsy

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