Woman Finds a String's Worth of Pearls in Her Lunch -- But They're Not From Her Husband (WATCH​)

pearl found in oyster

When you hear about a woman finding jewelry inside her food, it's usually tied to a proposal from an anxious suitor who's hoping she doesn't inadvertently choke or swallow the bauble. But the stunning surprise Toni Elliot, 53, discovered inside her oyster at Puckett's Boat House in Tennessee got in there the natural way. The woman, who thought she'd cracked her tooth, discovered she actually had baby pearls in her mouth -- 50 of them!


Can you imagine? Restaurant workers, who gave the lucky diner a cup to take home her souvenirs, said it was like a lottery win for the excited customer. 

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What a refreshing change from those awful stories you see all the time about rodent parts found inside chili or some other dish, right?

We wonder if she'll be able to fashion her fresh catch into a necklace or bracelet. Either way, it's a great conversation starter. And thank heavens she didn't choke or this would've had a much different ending!

Almost makes you want to go out and order a plate of oysters, doesn't it?

Have you ever found a pleasant surprise inside your meal?

Image © Boltenkoff/shutterstock & Leeanne Mugavin/YouTube

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