Chocolate Model of Benedict Cumberbatch Is Everything Your Heart Desires (PHOTO)

chocobachThis Sunday, if you're a very, very good girl, the Easter Bunny just might leave you a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch -- Benedict Chocobatch, if you will. Six feet tall, 40 kilograms, and every bit as luscious and lick-able as the real one. Who could resist?


It took 8 sculptors and chocolatiers 250 hours to recreate the actor in Belgian milk chocolate. As lead sculptor Tim Simpson said, "You can't rush perfection. Benedict has such a distinctive look that it was a challenge but a pleasure, to recreate him in chocolate. A secret combination of methods ensured we got a great likeness - we're sure his legions of fans will approve!" They did an amazing job. It looks exactly like him.

There is reason enough to make a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch just because, but this one in particular was made in honor of his being voted dishiest dramatic actor by the female viewers of UK TV.

Alas, Chocobatch is hollow, which is certainly not what you would ever say about Cumberbatch.

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The chocolate sculpture will be on display through Easter weekend, or so they hope. Personally I think it's just a matter of time before a mob of rabid Cumberbitches raids the place and ravishes Chocobatch like they would its likeness if they could. I wish them bon appetit.

The rest of us will have to satisfy ourselves by watching the making-of video.

How would you feel about eating Chocobatch -- delicious or creepy?


Image via Taylor Hemming/Flickr


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