This Self-Portrait Chocolate Egg Is Exactly What Everyone Wants to See Easter Morning

eat your face bompass parrYou know what? Anyone can put a dumb chocolate bunny in an Easter basket. If you really care you'll place a chocolate egg molded into the face of your loved one.


Because nothing says "deeply troubling obsession" like waking up first thing Easter morning to see your own face in chocolate staring back at you.

eat your face bompass parr

Yes, this magic can be yours thanks to the 3-D-scanning and printing technology of "Eat My Face," a project by London-based food and design collective Bompass and Parr:

The exclusive service is an epic interpretation of the season that makes conventional chocolate eggs pale by comparison. We will create a positive master mould of your face, which you can display at home, and a negative plastic mould which can be used to create further chocolate likenesses of yourself.

Bompass and Parr's website says "Price upon request." But according to Food & Wine it's $4,800. Now don't balk! You can't put a price on love and chocolate portraiture. This is art, after all. And also you get to keep the mold to make more chocolate faces in perpetuity.

How boring to waste your money on things like The Mortgage or Groceries for the Family when there is Eat My Face!

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Can you imagine receiving a chocolate egg in your own image? Or your significant other's? Where would you start? Would you bite off your nose to spite your own face? Or would you nibble around the edges and work your way toward the center? Would it feel a bit like cannibalism, and would that kind of ruin the whole effect for you? The only thing that could make it better is if it were filled with gummy worm brains.

Ew, I'm feeling strangely nauseated now. You know what ... now that we've thought this whole thing through, maybe that chocolate bunny isn't such a bad idea after all.

How would you feel if you received a chocolate egg molded in your own image?


Image via Bompass and Parr


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