People Drink Coffee While Stoned & Apparently Taste 'Chimpanzees' & 'Cars' (VIDEO)

woman drinking coffee moyeeTo many people, coffee is coffee is coffee. Doesn't matter if it's single origin, organic, fair trade, dark or light roast, whatever. If it has caffeine, it works! But when you're a coffee nerd, you can't help but use flowery language to describe what you're drinking. It may sound snobby, but it's a way to compare notes and enjoy your fix even more. Another way to enjoy it? Totally stoned!


A Dutch coffee company called Moyee proves this in their new ad, "Under the Influence," which features real folks hangin' out, smokin' some potent cannabis in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Marijuana's active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) heightens their sense of taste and smell, and when they're tasked with tasting and describing Moyee's coffee, the result is hilarious.

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As in, one guy thinks it tastes "definitely wavy," while another woman says the coffee definitely has notes of "a forest ... with chimpanzees!" HA! Okay, then!

Check it out.

Too funny. And you thought stoners only loved on junk food when they get a case of the munchies!

What does your favorite coffee taste like (under the influence or not!)?


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