We Tried the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino So You Don’t Have To

starbucks birthday frappacchino

Hey everyone, Starbucks is having a birthday party and we're all invited. Today marks the 20th birthday of the frappuccino, their frothy blended coffee drinks. To celebrate, Starbucks is selling special Birthday Cake-flavored frappuccinos for five days only -- naturally we had to give it a try.


What exactly is a Birthday Cake Frappuccino? It's vanilla bean and hazelnut flavored topped with bright pink raspberry "infused" whipped cream. And speaking of that cream, it's really pink. Their photo really doesn't do it justice. Ordinarily I'll skip the whipped cream, but in this case I made an exception, because how happy-looking is this?

starbucks birthday cake frappacchino

It's like a liquid cupcake, basically. I kind of wish I'd brought in my own sprinkles.

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So, how does it taste? I don't think there's any coffee in there. But it's rich and sweet, and the taste is weirdly reminiscent of vanilla birthday cake. I had to taste the whipped cream separately to pick up the raspberry flavor, but it's there. And, as you do when you eat real birthday cake, I'm trying hard not to think about all the calories.

Anyway, there you go. We tried the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino so you can stick with your healthy eating plan and pretend it's not happening at all, curiosity answered. But um, FYI, you have until March 30th to try this thing, so there's the weekend.

Does this frappuccino sound tasty or weird? What's your favorite coffee drink?


Images via Starbucks, Adriana Velez

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