The Best Easter Crafts, Food & LOLs for Moms

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With special crafts, cute outfits, delicious treats and (of course!) a proliferation of adorable chicks and bunnies, Easter is a wonderful holiday for making special memories with the whole family. Of course, it's also a perfect opportunity to inadvertently freak out your children (we're looking at you, grown man in a bunny costume) -- but at least you can make it up to them with armfuls of chocolate and jelly beans!

Let our roundup of activities, recipes, and hilarious Easter misadventures inspire you to have a fun (and funny) holiday this year.

What fun do you have planned for your Easter Sunday?

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  • 10 Fun & Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


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    Now is the perfect time to do some fun and easy Easter crafts with your kids to get them excited for the spring holiday!

  • 8 Gorgeous Homemade Easter Baskets That Don't Cost a Fortune


    Get crafty - either with or without your kids - and create your own beautiful baskets for a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones. 

  • Make Adorable Easter Eggs From String


    Image via Kat Bouska

    Whether you want to string together a garland for beautiful Easter decor or pop these DIY string eggs in a bowl as a springtime centerpiece, they're fun to make and would add a perfect festive touch to your home.

  • 8 Crock-Pot Recipes for Easter Dinner


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    No one wants to spend a beautiful Easter Sunday indoors slaving over the stove. Here's a whole menu -- from appetizers to dessert -- you can cook ahead of time in the Crock-Pot.

  • 8 Moms Who Accidentally Ruined Easter for Their Kids


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    Explaining holidays to kids can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to balance spiritual customs and childhood mythology. Here are eight moms who admit they accidentally wrecked their kid's Easter, thanks to some good intentions -- and some very bad (but hilarious) mishaps and misunderstandings.

  • 8 Kids Not Totally Psyched to Meet the Easter Bunny


    Image via Instagram

    Sometimes, the Easter Bunny is a fluffy and adorable beacon of happiness for small children. Other times, he's utterly horrifying (to the amusement of parents everywhere). These are those times

  • 8 Hilariously Bad Easter Egg Fails & How to Fix Them


    Dyeing Easter eggs: It's such a simple idea. You dunk boiled eggs into colored water. They dry. And you get a beautiful rainbow of colored orbs. SO WHY DOES SO MUCH GO WRONG? Here are the 8 most common failures -- and what you can do to either prevent them or repair the damage.

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