Garbage Is on the Menu at This New Restaurant

chicken legs eaten

Would you be willing to pay restaurant-style prices for food that spent its time marinating in a Dumpster? How about if it was delicious? Would that change your mind?


Yeah, us either. That's why this pop-up restaurant called WastED in New York gave me such a case of indigestion (that or all the cheese I had for lunch). The idea behind the trendy hip new eatery? Cooking everything from apps to entrees with the scraps restaurants usually discard. Annnnd cue my barf.

Look, I am all about sustainability, but there's got to be better ways of promoting it than me going out for a night on the town and feasting on a dish called "dog food meatloaf." In the parlance of the canine for whom such food was christened: Woof. 

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Then again, maybe I'm being a picky hypocrite. Sure, I crinkled up my nose at the idea of a restaurant turning fish bones into a sumptuous broth but I've been known to double boil my tea bags, and everyone out there has let the milk in their fridge go slightly past its prime. Maybe eating a salad made of "bruised produce" isn't that much of an atrocity given the fact that there is, even as we speak, a bushel of broccoli that have been in fridge for roughly three months. Getting real about our food might be the key to keeping our planet around for the generations of grandchildren I will have once I convince Tom Hardy to procreate with me. And that is something I can support. 

Provided it didn't make you hurl, would you eat at a placed like WastED?


Image via SteveSnodgrass/Flickr

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