25 Tasty Crock-Pot Brunch Recipes That Are Perfect for Easter Sunday

easter brunch

Winter is finally wrapping itself up and that means Easter is right around the corner! Whether we're hosting the holiday for the entire fam, or just hoping to start the morning off with a special meal, it's time to hop to it and start planning the delicious menu. Making scrumptious dishes without spending tons of time in the kitchen is now easier than ever thanks to tasty recipes that can be prepared in our Crock-Pot. Maybe we can even sleep in this year!


Easter brunch is a long-standing tradition for many folks. After the Easter Bunny makes his rounds, gathering the kids together for an Easter-egg hunt while munching on brunch foods is the perfect way to spent this spring holiday. But anyone who has hosted a brunch for a large group knows breakfast-type food can be a pain to coordinate. 

And why should one person slave away in the kitchen while everyone else spends quality time together? That's not quite right, either. Our Crock-Pot is here to save the day and handle the brunt of the work, so that we can spend time with our loved ones. Isn't that what Easter's all about?

From sweet to savory, we found a bevy of brunch-tastic delights that will allow us plenty of time to help the kids hunt for eggs while the meal cooks itself. Now that's what we mean by a perfect Sunday. Read ahead for 25 Easter yummy and time-saving brunch recipes. 


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