104-Year-Old Woman Reveals Secret to Her Long Life: Dr. Pepper!

Health-conscious moms: don't let your kids read this story or you're going to be swamped with "I told you so's." A woman from Fort Worth, Texas, who is celebrating her 104th birthday, says one of the secrets to her health and longevity isn't an apple a day: it's drinking THREE cans of Dr. Pepper each day for the last 40 years.


Elizabeth Sullivan says she has been ignoring the advice of doctors for years because she refuses to give up her Dr. Pepper habit, despite being told it would kill her. Sullivan jokes that she has outlived all of the medical experts and that someone has to be mistaken about the evils of soda. She says she has been feeling fine and dandy since she started drinking three Dr. Pepper's a day when she was in her 60s.

Her love for Dr. Pepper runs deep. Her birthday cake was in the shape of a can of Dr. Pepper. And the company even thanked Sullivan for all of this incredible publicity by sending her a gift basket.

And it's not like Sullivan is sitting around drinking Dr. Pepper all day. It sounds like she's an active 104, who reads books, entertains guests, and has managed to stay out of a rest home. With all that caffeine running through her veins at all times, I'm surprised she isn't lifting 100-pound weights, running marathons, and up all night knitting baby clothes for every child in Fort Worth!

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I don't think a Dr. Pepper diet would work for most people, but Sullivan's story just confirms what a lot of us suspect: when your time is up, it's up, and when you're destined to stick around and drink more Dr. Pepper, well, it doesn't matter what you eat, drink, or smoke -- you're going to keep living.

My husband, a 6-foot-3 man who grew up refusing to eat any veggie that wasn't a potato (another food myth?), always jokes that if we make it to 80, we're going to take up smoking and drinking like fiends. I'm not sure if I'll be on board for all of that debauchery, but, like Sullivan, I do believe I'll relax on my no-soda, low-sugar diet. "Eat Chocolate Everyday" sounds like the perfect Senior mantra to me.

What do you think about this woman's Dr. Pepper habit? Are you going to eat and drink whatever you want when you're 100?


Image via Mike Mozart/Flickr

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