Hangover-Free Wine ... But Of Course, There's a Catch

glass of red wine

Wine. It nourishes us in the most unsuspecting and wonderful ways and yet when we indulge too much, wine bites back and leaves us with a hangover. Oh wine. You would be so perfect if you were healthy and didn't give us a raging headache the next day. Hold everything! There is a new wine that promises less hangovers and more health benefits! Oh ... but it comes with a catch? Yep, it's those three bad letters so many of us fear.



Generously Mulled Organic? 


Grand Mead Oneology?

Not that either.

You know what it is. Genetically Modified Organisms. What in the world?!

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We have to get technical here. Yong-Su Jin, the principal investigator at the Energy Biosciences Institute, and his heady team of researchers have used what is called a "genome knife" to change the yeast in our beloved vino. If we want to get really technical, what happens is they "do precise metabolic engineering of polyploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains that have been widely used in the wine, beer, and fermentation industries." 

I feel a little drunk just reading that.

Jin just wants to make wine better for us so he's genetically modifying it by upping the "healthful component resveratrol" for our wine and this includes bettering the yeast in beer. He doesn't think this creates any residual issues (besides the beautiful fact that the hangover risk lessens). On this type of GMO, they use the genome knife, not antibiotics which caused people to be upset. Jin said, "Scientists have had to use antibiotic markers to indicate the spot of genetic alteration in an organism, and many persons objected to their use in foods because of the danger of developing antibiotic resistance. With the genome knife, we can cut the genome very precisely and efficiently so we don't have to use antibiotic markers to confirm a genetic event."

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Okay. I don't want to get overly muddled here -- let's save that for the sangria, but I'm not into this whole GMO thing. The genome knife way, however, sounds like it's my samurai warrior princess swooping in to save my head the morning after wine. Cheers!

Would you drink GMO wine?


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