7 Times 'Powdered Alcohol' Could Be a Huge Lifesaver

margaritaThe BYOB culture about to change! Rather than bringing your own bottle of liquor along, all you'll need soon is a pouch of powdered alcohol and some water (guess you'll still need a bottle after all!) and voila! you'll have a ready-made drink thanks to Palcohol. That's right, the powdered version of rum, vodka, and three cocktails was approved last week for sale in the U.S.


Palcohol inventor Mark Phillips claims he came up with the idea so he could enjoy a drink after a hike or a bike ride without the hassle of dragging along those heavy glass bottles. (Yeah, because the first beverage you're dying for after a workout is a margarita, right?)

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But we see his point. There are times when we'd love a cosmopolitan but do we really feel like busting out the vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime juice? (And do we even have all those ingredients in the house simultaneously?)

While we're not suggesting that drinking and parenting is ever a good mix, if you're not the sole parent in charge and you're not driving, you might begin to see where the "pal" in this new beverage comes in. Here are some occasions when a powdered drink might really quench your thirst and take the edge off: 

-- When you've been manning your garage sale all day and you just can't bear the thought of hauling your unsold kids' play kitchen and Thomas trains back to the basement;

-- When you've been sitting on the sidelines of your son's football game watching the coaches throw temper tantrums that would give toddlers a run for their money and you're biting your tongue not to scream, "These kids are 9 and this isn't the NFL, fellas!"

-- When you're child's pre-algebra homework makes you feel like you are definitely not smarter than a 5th grader;

-- When you see on Facebook that everyone you know has flown to a tropical island for spring break while you're home trying to convince the family that cleaning out the attic is just like a treasure hunt!

-- When you've spent six hours at an indoor swim meet;

-- When you've invited some friends over to watch The Bachelorette but don't feel like figuring out the measurements for eight margaritas;

-- When you finally have a moment to yourself to sit and relax! (As if that ever happens!) 

Will you try Palcohol? 

Image © Evgeny Karandaev/shutterstock

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