Nothing Goes With Eggs Like Kevin Bacon As This Hilarious New Ad Shows (VIDEO)

kevin bacon eggs adKevin Bacon has been cast in a role he was born to play. The talented actor, who is amazing in The Following but will forever be Ren in Footloose, pops up in a woman's kitchen in this hilarious viral video where he waxes poetic about his favorite breakfast: eggs. And -- need we say it? -- yummy, bacon (which pales in comparison to yummy Bacon).


The person over at Incredible Egg who thought up this clever and hilarious sliver of marketing genius deserves a raise. In this adorable video, a woman is preparing her scrambled eggs breakfast when Bacon suddenly appears on her kitchen island eager to share his extensive knowledge on all things eggs.


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Now that the egg industry has snatched up the best spokesperson it will ever have, do you suppose the folks over at Bacon, Inc. are kicking themselves?


How much do you love this?


Image via Splash News

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