Know Which Recipe Your State Googles Most? Here It Is

What are you making tonight for dinner? Chances are, if you live in Nebraska, your grocery shopping list is going to look very different from that of a foodie residing in Maine. Google Trends has just made it possible for us to discover the most searched dinner recipes in each state. Can you guess which is your state's favorite?


I'm from New York and, true to these findings, I eat chicken at least four times a week. If I lived in Maine, you'd bet I'd research more lobster recipes—only, wonder of wonders, the Pine Tree State's preferred meal is actually ... boiled ham?

Other surprising searches include Rhode Island (because I don't care how many ways you jazz up butternut squash, it's still butternut squash), Delaware (see for yourself, but the dinner is a painful one), and Arizona—a landlocked state whose residents serve up killer Mexican food, yet for whatever reason, opt to search for shrimp.

Keep one thing in mind as you peruse this list: this isn't scientific data. It's also possible that these are wish-list meals—you know, dinner items someone wouldn't ordinarily serve, hence, the need to use Google to search for recipes.

Speaking from experience, I know 100 ways to whip up chicken, so when I perform a Google search or save a recipe on Pinterest, it's almost always something I have zero business making, like beef and Guinness pot pies.

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Check out each state's most Googled dinner and let us know if your favorite made the list:

Alabama: Potato salad
Alaska: Prime rib
Arizona: Shrimp
Arkansas: Tortillas
California: Chicken breast
Colorado: Chicken fried steak
Connecticut: Moroccan chicken thighs
Delaware: Dinner salad
District of Columbia: Stuffed peppers
Florida: Chicken
Georgia: Lemon pepper chicken
Hawaii: Chicken salad
Idaho: Tilapia fish tacos
Illinois: Salmon
Indiana: Potato skillet
Iowa: Pizza dough
Kansas: Casserole
Kentucky: Sweet potato
Louisiana: Chili
Maine: Boiled ham
Maryland: Chicken
Massachusetts: Chicken
Michigan: Meatloaf
Minnesota: Salmon
Mississippi: Steak
Missouri: Chicken wrap
Montana: Bean taco soup
Nebraska: Brisket
Nevada: Indian dinner
New Hampshire: Corned beef
New Jersey: Chicken
New Mexico: Egg Burger
New York: Chicken
North Carolina: Chili
North Dakota: Chicken spaghetti
Ohio: Spaghetti
Oklahoma: Steak
Oregon: Ramen
Pennsylvania: Steak
Rhode Island: Butternut squash
South Carolina: Steak
South Dakota: Ramen
Tennessee: Grilled ribs
Texas: Chicken
Utah: Spaghetti
Vermont: Chicken
Virginia: Paneer
Washington: Fried rice
West Virginia: Tacos
Wisconsin: Rice ball
Wyoming: Lobster

What do you think about your state's pick?


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