Mom Makes Horrifying Discovery In Banana She Was About to Give Her Child

A woman in Wales recently found something so unbelievably frightening and horrific in her banana that you're going to laugh at ever freaking out over that hair you once discovered in your diner soup (though that's pretty darn disgusting, too). Maria Layton, 43, brought home a bunch of bananas from Tesco, which is a popular chain supermarket overseas, and had peeled open a banana to give to her 6-year-old daughter when she laid her eyes on a "spider cocoon" filled with hundreds of the world's most venomous arachnids.


Kudos to Layton for having a clue that the webbing was something potentially dangerous because, judging by the photo of the banana that she posted to Tesco's Facebook page (which appears to have since been removed), I think I would have assumed it had merely turned in an odd way. I would have thrown it into my garbage, the eggs would have hatched overnight, and my house would have become infested with a gazillion spiders trying to eat my family alive.

I just died a little bit.

One of the yellow bananas, which was shipped to the UK from Costa Rica, contained a Brazilian Wandering Spider nest. In case you choose to live your life knowing as little as possible about revolting creatures, let me shed some light on this fascinating animal: it wanders the jungle floor in search of prey at night (because it is evil) and then hides in banana plants during the day (because it is sneaky and evil). Before killing you with its venom, it has the satanic power to inflict men with painful four-hour erections.

I can hear my Catholic school teacher now: God doesn't make mistakes. Uh huh.

Layton says the cocoon started to "unfurl" so she tossed the banana into a sealed box in the freezer and called Tesco to find out what she should do. Their response was ... interesting. She says they told her to bring the banana back to the store so they could investigate. She then asked whether they were also planning to send someone around to her home and check whether any deadly baby spiders had moved in, thanks to their banana. So far, no luck with that request.

No worries though, they also offered a "Moneycard as an apology."

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If I were this woman, I would have called Animal Control ASAP and would not have touched this fruit with a ten-foot pole. I understand that things like this can happen when you're dealing with produce, especially imported food that has been sitting in a box somewhere for who knows how long before it makes its way to our grocery shelves.

But does this story inspire anyone else to run away and live on a farm in a place inhabited by only nice spiders whose venom isn't under consideration for use in erectile dysfunction treatments?

What's the most digusting thing you've ever found in food?


Image via torbakhopper/Flickr


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