Krispy Kreme's New Sweet & Salty Treat Probably Tastes Amazing ... Before It Kills You

krispy kreme hotdogWhile ball parks certainly aren't known for their healthy fare, one stadium in Wilmington, Delaware is hoping its new outrageous combo will be a home run with junk food fans. Single-A Kansas City Royals affiliate, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, are debuting a Krispy Kreme doughnut-hot dog that will have sports fans reaching for their wallets and their antacids.


As if a frankfurter wrapped in a sugary-glazed bun wasn't already enough to make a nutritionist cringe, this dish is topped with raspberry jam and bacon. Check it out up close: 

While moms may flinch at the mere thought of this, tell me kids (and hungry dads) won't be begging to try one! In fact, the whole family can get into the act even if you don't live anywhere near the ballpark.

The Blue Rocks are offering fans a chance to name this sweet and savory confection. In addition to bragging rights, the winner receives a "Glazed Ticket" package, which includes seats at the game and $50 in stadium bucks to put toward the donut doggies.

We can't help but wonder if this will inspire other equally decadent dishes to emerge. Imagine these wacky combos coming to a menu near you:

The Mozzarella Milkshake -- Your favorite flavor topped with a gooey mound of melted cheese and a cherry, of course.

Onion Ring Birthday Cake -- In between those fluffy vanilla layers, why not sneak in some greasy onion rings for a little extra crunch? Frost the whole thing with oodles of chocolate buttercream and you're good to go.

Sausage Snow Cones -- Enjoy some icy cold smoked meats on a hot day without even needing to chew!

Butter-flavored Cotton Candy -- Instead of butter softening on your ear of corn, let it melt right in mouth with this artery-clogging treat.

We're sure there are plenty more heart-attack inducing options but we'll stop now before we have a stomach ache!

Would you try this new ballpark treat? 

Images via WilmingtonBlueRocks & Mike&Mike/Twitter

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