11 Stunning & Sweet Easter Desserts (PHOTOS)

Easter Desserts

After surviving the long winter, Easter, and all the holiday's fabulous dessert options, sort of feels like our reward, doesn't it? Whether you're hosting the special occasion or visiting friends and family, you can never go wrong with a delicious and colorful dessert that'll have the kids putting down their baskets to sneak a peek at your homemade confection. 


We found 11 yummy desserts that are perfect for Easter Sunday. Some are real show-stoppers and look out-of-the-bakery perfect, while others offer opportunities for the kids to lend a hand and help out. 

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Easter dessertsChocolate, peanut butter, and cream puff fans will find a tempting recipe or two to end the day on a sweet note!

What's your favorite Easter dessert? 

Image © Olha Afanasieva/shutterstock

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