11 Rice Krispie Treats With a Tempting Twist (PHOTOS)

blueberry cheesecake krispie treatKids and adults alike love the sometimes-chewy and sometimes-crunchy classic Rice Krispie treat. If you think they're perfect just as they are, you're right. But what if you could add a few ingredients that took the sweet snack to another level?


Recipes offering ways to transform the traditional squares into multi-layered mouth-watering desserts abound. 

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Who knew you could incorporate some of your favorite candy bars into the mix? No matter which flavor panel you prefer, chances are there's a recipe to satisfy your craving! Doesn't the very thought of blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake Krispie treat (pictured above), courtesy of Jen at Carlsbad Cravings, have you salivating?

What's your favorite way to prepare Rice Krispie Treats? 


Image via CarlsbadCravings

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