10 Modern Party Etiquette Rules You Didn't Know You Were Breaking

friends toasting at a party

Unless you're attending a black-tie affair (and maybe even then), it's safe to say most events these days are far less formal than they used to be! Still, even at the most casual of get-togethers, we'd all do well to practice proper etiquette. But the customary code of polite guest behavior is always evolving, and given most of our fast-paced, multitasking 24/7 lifestyles, you may not even realize you're breaking the new rules of modern party etiquette!


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For that reason, we asked etiquette experts to weigh in on the rules you may not even realize you're breaking, and what you ought to do the next time you're invited to a friend's fete.

'Fess up: Which of these rules have you broken?


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